In it's 1500 square metre industrial unit, Hispavan can offer a large range of services including Servicing and repairs to your leisure vehicle, Window replacements, plumbing work and electrical instalations such as Airconditioning, Motor Movers and Batteries.

If we cannot help you ourself we will strive to point you in the right direction for what you require.

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Vehicle Imports

Hispavan can help you with the import of your vehicle. So please contact us with the details of your Motorhome, Car, Van or Bike for a realistic and comprehensive quote today.

If you have been advised that you are unable to import your vehicle to Spain. Contact one of our team to discuss options.

Hispavan Customer Service

At Hispavan we are committed to handling complaints efficiently. We monitor all correspondance and aim to reply within 24 hours. If the line manager can not resolve the complaint in a further 48 hours, it is taken to our board of directors. At this stage of the process includes providing feedback to the manufacturer in the event that advice was sought at the first stage.

"Here at Hispavan we value your feed back. We aim to deliver first class service in every aspect of our business".

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