50.456,00 €
Year of issue: 2019
Mileage: 0

Fiat Ducato 2.3 MJET 150HP - MANUAL 6 Speeds

MWA: 3300kg LENGTH: 5,99M
WIDTH: 2,05M HEIGHT: 2,65M


Sunlight Cliff 601 on Fiat Ducato 2.3MJET 130Hp. manual 6 speeds gear box and cruise control, presentigthe great novelty Sunlight Cliff the new camper range designed by Synlight. the Cliff 601 offers an entire world in only 599cm of length, we see through its wide sliding side door equiped with mosquito net as we comfortably step in thanks to our electric automatic step and we look over us we will find the control panel and level indicator for both water and batteries as well as our heating and boiler controller both equipped with timer and pre-programed automated heating or boiler activation, in front of us we encounter a multifunctional extendable table at one side we the ergonomic seating area and on the opposite the "Captain Chair" swivel seats in the cab which are amazingly comfortable to use with its height and inclination regulator you will never want to stop driving and even if you do you will only have to swivel them to enjoy your lounge area, now one very important thing Sunlight has not missed out on is privacy, installed in factory you will enjoy the Remis blinds which are in-built to the door frames and the windscreen stands to offer you the privacy and making possible having a siesta even when its midday blocking any light from outside.  


The custom kitchen comes equipped with loads of draws and cupboards to store our cooking gear, your spices will be neatly organized in its alluminium rail, the kitchen top offers 2 gas fire hobs, aluminium sink and designer chromed taps, right next to the kitchen top is our Thetford 90L capacity fridge/freezer it has been extremely well thought as it does not stand out and feels part of the motorhome, if you need a bit more space they have designed a kitchen top extension that will extend the working space in only 1 second.

Opposite the kitchen and behind the sitting area we have a wardrobe  that in many cases other campers with similar lengths sacrifice, next to it the toilet area with elegant and fresh design that feels spacious, in it we will enjoy a toilette mounted on swivel base, wash basin wit extendable tap that acts as a shower in a very efficient way, the vast majority of the toilet is covered with mirrors which helps in the spacious and elegant feeling this bathroom offers. Now we get to the most interesting part of our Sunlight Cliff 601 camper, the generous bedroom offering a bunk bed layout allowing 4 people to sleep; the bed at the bottom with 195 x 143cm and the top bed with 174 x 110cm, we have to highlight the extremely clever LED lights that can be twisted and moved thanks to the flexible neck which gives a smooth and comfortable light with out annoying anybody that might be asleep, generous space under the bottom bed to store all your luggage. 


53.302€(50456,03€ + IEDMT*) VAT DEDUCTIBLE(PRICE WITH OUT VAT = 41.699,20€) COMFORTABLE FINANCE CONDITIONS OFFERED. WE TAKE VEHICLE AS PART EX-CHANGE  *IEDMT: Matriculation tax to be paid on the purchase of any vehicle which many people decide not to include in the price when publishing the vehicle, the IEDMT tax can vary depending on your location and under some circustamces such as certified handicap this tax can be deducted of the price
Condition: new
Listing status: active
Price type: starting
Transmission: manual
Drive type: Fwd
Number of cylinders: 4
Number of speeds: 6Spd
Fuel type: diesel
Number of doors: 3
Engine type: FIAT DUCATO 2.3 MULTIJET 130CV
Address: Parque industrial El Real, C/ El Garcel F14, Antas, 04628 Almeria,
Latitude: 37.26429729010558
Longitude: -1.902458667755127

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